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The last waltz of the cuttlefish



Each spring, when the seawater is warmed by the early sun, and the water reaches a temperature of 10 °C, one of the most spectacular migrations occurs. From the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea thousands of common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) travel to the Dutch coast to reproduce. This annual phenomenon attracts thousands of scuba divers who want to witness up close. The animals are so occupied by their lovemaking they allow divers to approach very close.

In the mini-documentary 'The last waltz of the cuttlefish' the reproductive ritual of the cuttlefish is the main subject. The love game, competition between males, depositing the eggs and the inevitable end are the main theme in this short video. The extraordinary  underwater videography makes that the viewer feels he’s right in the middle of the action.

Official selections:

Official selection Cluj Short Film Festival 2014 in Cluj - Romania

Official selection MIMA MEDES Festival 2014 in L’Estartit - Spain

Official selection Short Underwater Movie Festival “SILENTLY II” 2014 in Belgrade - Serbia

Official selection Festival Mondial de L’image sous-Marine 2014 in Marseille – France

Open Belgian Championships underwater videography 2014 in Gent - Belgium

Official selection 1st “DELFINFEST 2014“ in Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina

Official selection 18th international underwater film festival 2014 in Belgrade – Serbia

Official selection by invitation at the international underwater film festival „Sprehodi pod morjem“ 2015 in Slovenske Konjice – Slovenia

Official selection 37th PAF TACHOV International diving festival Tachov Czech Republic 2015

Official selection Bijeli lav underwater film festival 2015 Rovinj - Croatia


Winner of the yearly Medes, Imatge i Medi Ambient (MIMA) festival 2014 (amateurs) in L’Estartit – Spain

Winner of the ‘IDEA’ award at the 2nd short Underwater Movie Festival “SILENTLY” 2014 in Belgrade – Serbia

Winner of the ‘EKOLOGIJA’ award at the 1st “DELFINFEST” film festival 2014 in Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Production notes:

Camera, script and edit: Ronald Faber © 2014

Duration:   08:45 minutes

Filmed in HD 1080P

Narration: Ellen Faber (Dutch)

Subtitles: English / French

Location: Oosterschelde The Netherlands & L’Estartit Spain

Soundtrack by: Kevin MacLeod / Alex Beroza (feat. The3amAssociation) / Ghost (feat. Pitx)

All licensed under a Creative Commons