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Subcampeón de Europa 2016 | European Vice Champion 2016 | Vice-champion d'Europe 2016

Subcampeón holandesa 2016 | Dutch Vice Champion 2016 | Vice-Champion Néerlandais 2016


After the successful 1st CMAS European Championships Underwater Photography at the Azores (Portugal) from September 3rd to the 7th 2014 CMAS decided to organize the 2nd European Championships underwater photography and videography simultaneously.

These first CMAS European championships were held October 4th- 9th 2016 in La Herradura in the South of Spain. For these championships I teamed up with Yvonne Tijmes. We left for Spain on October 2nd to have the possibility to check some dive sites before the competition started. We were well prepared with a detailed script and plan.

Besides two adaption dives we were allowed to make three competition dives of 90 minutes maximum in order to shoot all underwater footage necessary. All dry footage had to be made between the first adaption dive and last competition dive. This footage was allowed for a maximum of 15% of the completed production.

All competitors had to edit their production within 5 hours in the local library of La Herradura. It turned out to be a stressful experience for some of the competitors. Two teams (one team from Spain and the Swiss team) didn’t manage to finish in time.

During the award ceremony the bronze medal was awarded to 2014 CMAS World Champion Katja Kieslich from Germany. I was announced as winner of the silver medal becoming European vice-champion! Spanish underwater videographer Jose Carlos Rando Lara became European champion and was awarded with the gold medal.

Ranking CMAS European Championships 2016

01. José Carlos Rando - Spain  

02. Ronald Faber - Netherlands

03. Katja Kieslich - Germany

04. Jörg Steer - Germany

05. Gery Beeckmans - Belgium

06. Matthias Lebo - Switzerland

07. Hector Ripolles - Spain