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Campeón holandesa 2017 & 2018 | Dutch Champion 2017 & 2018 | Champion Néerlandais 2017 & 2018

Subcampeón de Europa 2016 | European Vice Champion 2016 | Vice-champion d'Europe 2016

Subcampeón holandesa 2016 | Dutch Vice Champion 2016 | Vice-Champion Néerlandais 2016


The Open Dutch & Dutch Championships uw-video 2017 were improved again so they would be more corresponding with the rules and regulations of international competitions. For these championships I teamed up with René van der Laan who assisted me and was playing the role of actor. Unfortunately the Dutch Diving Federation (NOB) & Aquashot scheduled the competition dates at (for me) unfavourable dates. It meant I could only participate on May 13th because the second competition date June 18th I was making exploration dives in Germany.

During May 13th I made three dives of which the first one not yielded any useful image. With a minimum amount of useful footage shot during the remaining two dives and max 15% of supplementary footage I had to edit my production ‘De Hof van Eden’ (The Garden of Eden). It was meant to be a surrealistic comparison between the story as told in the Bible and scientific theory. It worked out well.

During the award ceremony on September 30st at Podium Hoge Woerd in De Meern I was awarded with the first prize in both the Open Dutch championships and the Dutch Championships Underwater Video 2017.