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(Open) Dutch Championships Underwater Videography 2016

The Dutch Championships underwater videography were held for the first time in 2016. The competition debuted as an Open competition in 2014 but this was the first time that the best Dutch competitor gained the official title of being ‘Dutch Champion’. The competition was held in the Southwest region of Zeeland because of the presence of the Eastern Scheldt estuary and Lake Grevelingen, internationally renowned dive locations.

Competition dates were May 22nd and June 26th while the productions had to be enrolled before August 1st . All competitors were allowed to shoot their uw-footage in the Eastern Scheldt and Lake Grevelingen as long as it were official dive sites. Some extra footage and dry footage (max. 25%) could be shot after the competition days.

For this competition I teamed up with Yvonne Tijmes. The award ceremony was held on September 30st in Zierikzee. In both the Open Dutch championships and Dutch championships I made it to the silver medal and became Dutch vice-champion 2016 with my video “De Zee” (The Sea).

My ‘Silver’ film of the (Open) Dutch Championships Underwater Videography 2016: