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Campeón holandesa 2017 & 2018 | Dutch Champion 2017 & 2018 | Champion Néerlandais 2017 & 2018

Subcampeón de Europa 2016 | European Vice Champion 2016 | Vice-champion d'Europe 2016

Subcampeón holandesa 2016 | Dutch Vice Champion 2016 | Vice-Champion Néerlandais 2016


The competition for the Open- & Dutch championships underwater videography is divided over two periods of a week in June and September. During these periods competitors may choose two days in total up front to shoot their footage. The first period is from Monday June 17th – Monday June 24th and the second from Monday September 9th – Monday September 16th . Because the competition period in September is too close to the CMAS World championships (September 17th-22nd) I’m forced to use my two days in June (June 22nd & 23rd).

The final production must be delivered to the Jury October 15th 23:59 hrs at the latest. The award ceremony will be held on November 30st.

Again the rules are adapted to the new rules like used during the World championships. All videos are judged on six categories: Technique (sharpness, composition, lighting, colour and contrast), Creativity, Ambiance, Script, Editing and Sound. At least eighty percent of the film must contain underwater footage. The film lasts at least two minutes and at most four minutes.