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My first feature film 'THE LIVING DELTA' premiered in 2019 at the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2019. This film was screened at over 20 cinemas and theatres in both The Netherlands and Belgium and was nominated for the 'Zeeuwse filmprijs 2020-lange docu's' during the international 'Film By The Sea' filmfestival 2020 in Vlissingen. The film will also be screened at several televisionstations during the annual Christmas holidays of 2020.

Website: www.delevendedelta.com


Currently I'm working on a in-house production being a documentary called 'SEPIA'. In this documentary, the viewer is introduced to the versatility of the common cuttlefish which visits the Oosterschelde every year to reproduce. Numerous people, such as a goldsmith, biologist, conservationist, forest ranger, shopkeeper, each tell us how they are dealing with this wonderful creature. The interviews are interspersed with 4K underwater images of this intriguing animal. This documentary is narrated in Dutch and its premiere is scheduled for 2021.

SEPIA is shot entirerly in 4K UHD 3840x2160 with aerial shots in 2.7K 2704x1520. This film will be available for cinemas and theatres in DCP DCI 2K (CinemaScope cropped) 2048 × 858 | 2.39:1.

Website: www.sepiafilm.nl


Curaçao equals the image of a Caribbean island with idyllic beaches, swaying palm trees and crystal clear sea water. For recreational divers, the coral reefs that surround the island are an irresistible attraction. But Curaçao also has a downside. This shortfilm is an in-house production which painfully exposes the problems faced by the (underwater) nature of Curaçao. The narration will be in English which makes the film suitable for the international filmmarket. This project is scheduled to be premiered in 2021.

CORAL GARDEN is shot entirerly in 4K UHD 3840x2160. This film will be available for cinemas and theatres in DCP DCI 2K (CinemaScope cropped) 2048 × 858 | 2.39:1.