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The Sea


‘The Sea’ is my most successful project so far (writing this in September 2017). The script was intentionally written for my participation in the shoot-out competition for the Open and Dutch championships uw-video 2016. After being awarded with a silver medal in both competitions I used the script during my participation in the CMAS European Championships uw-video 2016. Again I was awarded with a silver medal and became European vice-champion.

After re-editing the original version of the European Championships I submitted the film at several international film festivals and competitions and it was frequently selected and awarded. I even received invitations to present ‘The Sea’ at international events.

Sequences of ‘The Sea’ were broadcasted on the Slovenian television in 2017.


A lot of people still react apathetic when it comes to environmental issues concerning our seas and oceans! Most people don’t have an idea of the importance of the seas and oceans as the engine for life as we know it. ‘The Sea’ is a monody of the sea and a direct appeal to her viewers to take responsibility in order to save the sea for future generations.

‘The Sea’ encourage and challenge people to at least think about the subject. We need to live in balance with the natural world in order to survive and to leave a future for the generations to come. I believe we need a new relationship with the world surrounding us in which not all is measured by money. The health and wellbeing of all is worth much more!

I don’t think the majority of the people has enough patience to sit down and watch a full documentary on the subject. We’re living in a hasty and fast society in which everything is consumed in a rush. I believe a film of less than ten minutes in length can trigger people to watch it till the end. That’s why ‘The Sea’ is as it is!

Official selections:

20th International underwater film festival 2016 Belgrade - Serbia

9th Sprehodi Pod Morjem International photo & video festival 2017 Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia

29th Fête Européenne de l'Image Sous-Marine et de l'Environnement 2017 – Strasbourg, France

39th Festival PAF Tachov 24th - 25th March 2017: Tachov - Czech Republic

11th 'Voices from the Waters' International Travelling Film Festival 2017 Bangalore – India

Zagreb Green Film Fest 2017 Zagreb – Croatia

Zagreb Tourfilm Festival 2017 Zagreb - Croatia

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam WFFR 2017 Rotterdam – Netherlands

5th Silently - Short underwater movie festival Belgrade / Nečujno FKPF Beograd – Serbia

4FICCAsub - Canary Islands International Underwater Film Festival 2017 Aguimes – Gran Canaria

Other screenings:

Award ceremony CMAS European Championships Underwater videography October 8th 2016

Duikvaker 2017 Houten, The Netherlands

OFFT March 2017 Nieuwegein, The Netherlands


Silver medal (2nd place) in Open Dutch championships underwater videography 2016 (Dutch version)

Silver medal (2nd place) in Dutch championships underwater videography 2016 (Dutch version)

Silver medal (2nd place) in the CMAS European championships underwater videography 2016 La Herradura - Spain

2nd place 20th International underwater film festival 2016 (20. Medjunarodni Festival Podvodnog Filma)  Belgrade - Serbia (category Independent producers)

Winner “Video of the year 2016”

2nd place “Video of the year 2016”

Winner “Umweltpreis 2016”

2nd place 29th Fête Européenne de l'Image Sous-Marine et de l'Environnement 2017 (Espoir) – Strasbourg, France

Winner “Best Film Non-Professional Award 2017” Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam WFFR – The Netherlands

Semi-finalist San Mauro Film Festival 2018 Turin - Italy

Production notes:

Camera, script and edit: Ronald Faber © 2016

Duration:   04:20 minutes

Filmed in HD 1080P

Narration in English by Sara Deckers

Narration in Dutch by Ellen Faber

Subtitles in Spanish, French & Dutch

Video-assistant: Yvonne Tijmes

Model: Jytte Faber

Special thanks: Robert Hughan

Location: La Herradura - Spain

Soundtrack by: Kevin MacLeod “Immersed”

Licensed under a Creative Commons