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Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam WFFR 2017

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam took place from October 26-29th 2017. WFFR is a multi-day film festival focused on the screening of wildlife films and documentaries. The festival takes place in the heart of Rotterdam, in Cinerama movie theatre. The festival is organised by a non-profit foundation.

The main program of the festival consists of a competition program that is open to professional and non-professional nature filmmakers from the Netherlands and abroad. A selection committee selects the films that will be screened at the festival. As an encouragement for talented filmmakers to enter into the competition, awards can be won in various categories. The expert jury will present these awards to the winning filmmakers in a festive manner. During the closing ceremony the professional jury announced the films awarded.

"The Sea" was nominated for the "Best Film Non-Professional 2017" award together with two other films. I'm proud that during the closing ceremony my film was announced as the winner of the award.

Photos by WFFR